There is a photo collage of 3 images. 2 smaller images above a bigger image. Top left is a little girl using a walker. Top right is a welcome sign with braille. The larger image is of a business man in a wheelchair.There is a photo collage of 2 images. The top image is two women using sign language to communicate. The bottom image is a close up of hands in front of communication device.There is a photo collage of 3 images. 2 smaller images below a bigger image. The bigger image is of an older gentleman using a computer. The bottom left photo is of a blind boy using a braille printer. The bottom right photo is of a computer keyboard key with the word access written on it.

About Project START

Mississippi Project START (Success Through Assistive Rehabilitative Technology) was established to provide information about assistive technology to consumers and other interested parties so they may make informed decisions about available assistive technology services.

START recognizes that many Mississippians with disabilities are unaware of assistive technology and the specialized devices that help persons with disabilities in their daily activities.  START’s mission:  Empowering Mississippians with disabilities through education awareness and access to Assistive Technology.

Project START's Goal

Project START’s goal is to work to improve the provision of assistive technology to individuals with disabilities of all ages through comprehensive statewide programs of technology-related assistance.  In addition, Project START provides the following:

  • Provide training and technical assistance for individuals statewide, including representatives of the state and local educational agencies, other state and local agencies, early intervention programs, adult services programs, hospitals and other health care facilities, institutions of higher education, and businesses.
  • Conduct public awareness activities relating to the availability, benefits, appropriateness, and costs of assistive technology devices and services.  Examples of public awareness activities include newsletter, presentations, website, and information and referral.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with public and private entities that are responsible for policies, procedures, or funding for the provision of assistive technology devices and services to individuals with disabilities, services providers, and others to improve access to assistive technology devices and services.

How Can START Help?

Anyone can learn more about assistive technology through Project START. START can provide information on:

  • Why assistive devices is available to meet a specific need
  • Which companies manufacture the device
  • How to order the device
  • What funding resources are available to pay for the device

START also offers information on:

  • Evaluation of technology needs
  • Referral to assistive technology service providers
  • Assistive technology training opportunities for service providers, consumers and other such groups
  • Development of assistive technology support groups
  • Establishment of assistive technology demonstration centers
  • Other activities aimed at increasing the access of people with disabilities to assistive technology devices and services

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