Advisory Council

Project START’s Advisory Council meets quarterly the second Wednesday of February, May, August and November. Our twelve member council is composed of individuals with disabilities, parents, spouses or guardians of persons with disabilities and representatives of state, local or private agencies or groups that provide assistance to persons with disabilities.

Current Advisory Council Members

1.  Stacy Blackwell
     Program Manager - Communications Department at the Addie McBryde Center for the Blind

2.  Tanya Bradley
     Bureau Director - Special Education Department at the Department of Education

3.  Katherine Culpepper
     Psychometrist, Jackson Public School District       



4. Sam Gleese
     ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Coordinator with the City of Jackson Disabilities


5. Anita Naik
     Director of Office of Special Disability Program – Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services

6.  Ben Wagenknecht
     Director of Deaf and Blind Services - Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services

7.  Evelyn Washington


8.  Emily Word

     Community Outreach Specialist- Life of Tupelo


 9.  Dovie Reed

     State WIOA Equal Opportunity Officer- Mississippi Department of Employment Security